April 2024 General Meeting

County Ambulance 323 Dalton Ave. Pittsfield, MA 01201 323 Dalton Ave, Pittsfield, MA, United States

2024 Summer Field Day

Bowe Field (Adams Agricultural Fairgrounds)

Field Day Site has moved this year! Field day June 2024 22nd and 23rd will be held in Adams at the Aggie fair grounds. We are looking for help for the event. We need someone to run a GOTA station, help put up antennas , towers, etc. easy place to get to plenty of parking. […]

NoBARC Hamfest

Nobarc Flea 2024 we need you ! Calling all nobarc members. Come help us make this flea a success. I need volunteers to collect at the entrance., etc . Do you know a vendor? We want to make this flea the best its ever been. but we need your help to do it.