NoBARC Repeaters

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Most of the NoBARC repeaters are situated atop Mt. Greylock, in the Northwest corner of Massachusetts.
At 3500 ft, Mt. Greylock has a range, without obstruction, of about 125 miles.
This means that the 146.910 repeater has one of the widest coverages on the East Coast.

Output Input CTCSS Callsign Location
53.23 52.23 162.2 K1FFK Mt. Greylock
145.27 144.67 136.5 KA1OA Great Barrington, MA
146.91 146.31 162.2 K1FFK Mt. Greylock
147.03 147.63 162.2 K1FFK Pittsfield, MA
224.10 222.5 162.2 K1FFK Mt. Greylock
449.425 444.425 162.2 K1FFK Mt. Greylock
927.875 902.875 100 K1FFK Mt. Greylock

Repeater users please read this ( click for file )


NOBARC 91 Room 40691
NOBARC 03 Room 40743
If anyone wants to join the rooms with Wires X capability's you may. 146.91 is the main hub at this time so check-in on 40691 147.03 is digital Fusion only in North Adams and is linked to 91 so 03 is passing Digital signals at this time no Analog The Wires X is only Digital on 91 and 03 so only fusion people will be heard If there is any analog signals on 91 the internet people will not be able to tell if there is anything going on and may step on a conversation We ask that any Wires X activity be curtailed at Net times 10 am and 1 pm

NoBARC Packet Node

The NoBARC WMA packet node operates on 145.05 and is located atop Mt. Greylock.

Nets on the NoBARC Repeaters

Western MA A.R.E.S. Nets (Sundays)
ares logo.gif - 5996 Bytes
Repeater Time Control Op
146.91 9:00 A.M. N1PUA Paul
53.23 9:30 A.M. KB1NBA Jerry
449.425 9:45 A.M. N1SYN Rick
224.10 10:00 A.M. N1QOV OB

NTS Traffic Nets (Monday thru Friday)
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Cycle Repeater Time Control Op
1 146.91 1:00 P.M. N1YCW Bruce
2 146.91 4:30 P.M. KD2JKV Peter

Western MA R.A.C.E.S. Net (First Monday of the Month)
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Repeater Time Control Op
146.91 7:00 P.M. R.A.C.E.S. Team

National Weather Service Skywarn Nets
skywarn logo.gif - 5899 Bytes NWS Skywarn Nets are conducted
per the request for activation by
either NWS Taunton, MA
or NWS Albany, NY.

The K1JAW Coffee Mug Net
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM
An informal gathering starting at or about 8:00 A.M. and ending whenever the World's Problems have been solved.

The N1ISB Newcomers' Roundtable

(1st and 3rd Mondays of the Month, September thru June)
Repeater Time Control Ops
146.91 8:00-8:45 P.M. WA1ZHM John
N1QOV Obie
N1SYN Rick
KD2JKV Peter
This net was started by Don Horton (N1ISB), to welcome newly licensed and newly upgraded Hams to the VHF portion of the spectrum, to enable them to meet with each other and with more experienced Hams for the purposes of asking and answering questions, exchanging information and building frienships. Don passed away in October of 2001 and the net was re-named in his honor.
It's a great place to "hang out" on a Monday night!

You can also join us on the Newcomers' Roundtable through our IRC Chat Room on: ----- the room is #nobarc

If you already have an IRC client loaded on your computer,
just click on the button below to join the NoBARC Chatroom.