The frequency is in the 433 -434 MHz area AM but SSB will here ok FM will but can be harder also a real S meter is good to
A UHF yagi or some directional antenna you can use a mag mount but wont be able to tell where its coming or going
I will know the freq when we get ready would be nice If it can be recorded
Tape MP3 or something
I am going to get something to save it also
A 4WD vehicle would be good but not a must if we want to chase it
WARM coat and Snow boots
Binoculars to look in trees

I think someone on RT 2 Petersburg pass and RT 2 Whitecome summit
then monitors in Pitts. Adams Grafton NY If I can get Jud to be awake

This is so if it goes any distance we could or might find it

Eric Mazur
President of NOBARC